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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

If your garage door is giving you trouble, you might find the reason on our handy infographic page. Check it out.

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Garage Door Cable & Tracks

Garage Door Cable & Tracks

We offer same day service and emergency garage door service as well because we want to take care of our customers.

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Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Garage Door

Our Overhead Garage Door is a company that can do it all and this alone has made us gain the reputation as being the best overhead garage door service around. We have been in business for quite a while.

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Quick opener replacement and repairs by experienced technicians

It contains a lot of ideas and tip-offs on how to repair garage door openers. It’s also filled with cool ideas for door opener upkeep.

Watch out for a screeching noise

Most often, a screeching noise is an indicator that there is something wrong with certain components of your garage door. Most likely, your door is not balanced. Therefore, try to check by pulling the emergency handle when the door is down. Lift it again and see if it closes down freely. If there is something that needs to be adjusted, fix it right away.

Protect your home

Get good garage doors or update the existing ones. Make sure to connect the alarm system with the garage door and install cameras and more lights in the yard.

Openers and remotes

You must invest in them both. Get good openers with plenty of safety features and high tech remote controls for higher safety. You will see your life turning around.

Don't repair torsion springs alone

Torsion spring garage door systems are complex, heavy and dangerous. One wrong movement and they might snap. According to the official statistics many people get seriously injured by torsion springs and that's why you should leave torsion spring repair to the professionals of our company. Don't even try to release their tension for any reason and if you approach to check them keep your face away.

Teach children the proper use of remote

If you have children in the house, make them understand that garage door remotes are not toys and can be dangerous if they are not properly used. For safety purposes, you can demonstrate to them the proper use of door remotes.

Find a professional door dealer

If you are ready to update your garage with an automatic door, our professionals in garage door Roselle advice that you make sure that you know where to find a reliable and reputable dealer. A good door dealer will not only facilitate the installation but will also have available services for garage door repair and maintenance.

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